my name is maria and my life is boring
i like wrestling and brittany murphy.
i can also make gifs

byebye-beautiful replied to your post “someone recommend books for me to read good books other than the…”

The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss (and book 2, The Wise Man’s Fear) <3 I also like Peter V Brett’s Demon Cycle series. If you’re thinking less fantasy, maybe Dark Places or Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn.

thank you so much! i’ve been looking for some new books to read for so long, i’m gonna definitely check those out <3

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someone recommend books for me to read

good books

other than the hunger games

i’d like to either go out and buy them or download some to my ipad or something

Backstage at . Tune in tonight 11:35/10:35c on ABC with (x)

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here’s some old school Dave and Randy having a sushi party. no big deal.


What Wes Adams said about Batista is just /too/ true. I was kind of ashamed to say this on here because when I tweeted about it I got called a retard, but fuck it, I’m saying it now. After Batista won the Royal Rumble, when I saw the crowd’s reaction, I literally broke down. I cried so fucking hard. It truly did break my heart, because this guy doesn’t deserve any of this. It pained me to see the look on his face.

Then, people started saying that he got what he deserved, that no one wanted him back, and that it was just pay back for leaving and for not giving a damn about the biz. I think it’s really stupid to say that Batista left because he didn’t give a fuck. For all I know, Batista LOVED wrestling/WWE, he really did take it seriously, and that’s exactly why he left, because he didn’t like the direction WWE was headed toIf he didn’t love the business, he would’ve stayed, he would’ve kept earning money off of it, but instead he left

Go watch his DVD, go read his book, I swear it’ll change your perspective of him. He’s a hard working dude, and he truly loves wrestling.

Don’t blame him for WWE’s stupid actions.


Best Shots of Batista 10/?


Actual reasons to miss Biker Taker.

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Roman Reigns - Record Breaker

Survivor Series 2013: It was four spears and some record-tying eliminations later until Roman Reigns emerged as the sole survivor in a bout brimming with top talent.

Royal Rumble 2014: As entrant No.15, Roman Reigns eliminated over twelve men in a legendary Rumble match performance. The muscle of The Shield succeeded Kane’s record of eleven eliminations, and lasted until he was tossed over the ropes by the ultimate winner, Batista.

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